14 July 2010

Hurdles Already??

When we saw the paediatrician (see previous post) he told us to get a copy of the SENCO's report as soon as possible so that we could put it together with his report and go see the Doctor and ask for an ADHD referral. So when I collected Nipper from Nursery I asked the manager if she could put this request forward for us. I was rather surprised and dismayed at the reply - the SENCO said that she doesn't write a report and therefore there isn't one for us to have. How can that be possible? This person goes into nursery and observes my child and then makes recommendations - how can she not be writing a report? Surely she must put something down on paper and could therefore have let us have a copy. But it's not going to happen!

Since Nipper's visit to the Paediatrician I've been trawling the internet for information about Asperger's and ASD's. I've come across a lot of people reporting how difficult it is to get the help that their child needs. I have to admit I'm a natural pessimist but I was hopeful that now we know what's going on with Nipper that we could move forward. I wasn't expecting a hurdle quite so soon. We are due to see the Doctor with the Paediatrician's report and the non-existent SENCO report and I'm wondering what's going to go awry there now.

We are meeting the SENCO tomorrow so I shall be asking how she communicates her observations and recommendations given that she apparently doesn't write!



  1. that sounds so frustrating. fingers crossed it all gets sorted soon. Can you find out what normal operating procedure is for the SENCOs from a governing organisation? Though I'm sure you've already been there.

  2. Oh goodness. I hope you manage to get sorted.

    Hugs x

  3. That is absolutely shocking and does sound like this SENCO isn't doing her job properly! Although I would be surprised if your GP wouldn't give you a referral without it (given that you will have the paediatrician's report and the AS diagnosis already). Hopefully the school Senco will be a bit more on the ball! It is very puzzling and frustrating how the system works though. When I went to our GP to ask for J's inital referral (there was originally a suspicion that he might be ADD) I was told that they didn't do them and should go to the health visitor! In actual fact, the school SENCO referred him, and I think we have been very lucky in that she is extremely supportive. It still feels like a bit of a fight sometimes. We're at the "do we apply for a Statement?" stage and, whilst I think he needs the extra help, the senco feels he doesn't yet meet the criteria. I hope you get your referral ok.
    Rachel x


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