2 September 2010


I've read that children on the autistic spectrum often use 'scripts' as a way of communicating and I've noticed just recently that Nipper is doing this, although in a minor way at present.

His favourites are:

'Rocking rasperries' and 'rocking cucumbers' from 'The Mr Men'. He'll have to be careful with this one as it often sounds likes he's saying something else!

'Oh, custard!' from a very old 'Christopher Crocodile' video that used to be Miss Muffett's.

'Doh!' I think that's Homer Simpson - who's been letting him watch 'The Simpson's'?!

And my favourite: 'Stop, in the name of Plod!' Don't know where that has come from but it cracks me up every time!

Bless him!



  1. 'Stop in the name of Plod!' is from Noddy. PC Plod is the policeman....


  2. Hehe!!! Our DD's favourite was the Lion King's 'Stop messing with my mane mum'!!.....she's now graduated to Tracey Beaker and all the attitude that goes with it.....'You're not my mum/ you don't know ANYTHING about my life'!!!

  3. I like that one 'stop in the name of plod!'. We get a few especially from Ben 10 coming through in everday talk as well.


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