19 August 2010

A Little Clarity

We had a call from our GP asking us to pop in for a follow-up chat now that she has had a chance to talk to the Paediatrician. As we thought, the Paediatrician was a bit 'confused' as to who should be doing what as he is a locum and each PCT does things in their own way.

So, Nipper needs to have the Diagnostic Language Assessment. Apparently this will be organised by the Paediatrician though we haven't heard anything about it yet.
Also, the Paediatrician wants Nipper to have an Educational Psychology Assessment and I have put forward a request for this via his nursery. I haven't heard anything yet nor have I heard anything from the SENCO - she was supposed to be checking whether Nipper was already on the Ed Psych list and letting us know. The GP reckons that an Ed Psych is likely to be our 'saviour' and is the best person to help us with Nipper's behaviour and eating issues.
Nothing will be done about the suspected ADHD for at least 2 years as they can't medicate a child until they are 6 years old - I'm not sure what we're supposed to do to manage this in the meantime then??

When the Paediatrician has the Ed Psych and Language assessments he will re-assess Nipper. I'm hoping that we might get some 'help' of some sort at this point. At the moment I'm reading a self-help book on managing family life with an autistic child but don't feel that I'm achieving very much. I think I need a personality transplant as I seem to be at the end of my tether most days! Unfortunately unlimited patience isn't one of my virtues!

At least we know exactly what should be happening now.


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  1. Good to hear that you're making some progress. Regarding practical help, have you applied for Disability Living Allowance? It's a hideous form to fill in but it's definitely worth getting. There's some advice about it on the NAS website. Also, have you been offered any courses? I went on an "Autism Awareness" 1 day course, and am going to start the Early Birds Plus (which is for school age children) in September - a friend just did the Early Birds for pre-schoolers and found it really helpful. Perhaps find out about support groups. There seem to be loads in our area. Where abouts in the South East are you? If you're in Kent, then the Kent Autistic Trust is a great resource, I can give you the contact details if you like. There are support groups on Facebook too. I'm currently reading a book by Tony Attwood which is really interesting too. Sorry, this is turning into a very long comment! Email me if you want any more info, or if you just want to chat!
    R x


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