29 October 2010

On The Waiting List At Last

I've had to do more ringing around and chasing up but finally it seems that we have made it onto the waiting list for Nipper to have a full diagnostic assessment with a specialist paediatrician and speech therapist.
The letter from my GP was finally faxed to the paediatrics department at the end of September, though it then took another eight days to reach the relevant paediatrician. Having taken four months of me ringing, and ringing, and ringing, we now have to wait another three months to get the appointment. Better eventually than never I suppose.
What makes me laugh though is that we have a 'follow up' appointment in December for something that we won't even have been to yet! So I'm wondering do we cancel the December appointment or go along anyway?
I've been sent a series of questionnaires to complete and send back before our appointment. One of them is specifically for his 'early years' setting to complete. That'a a tricky one. He left nursery at the beginning of September so they aren't really the right people to fill it in. He's settled into school very well but due to staffing problems he's about to have the third class teacher since he started so  I'm not sure that they are the best people to complete it either.
Wonder if it's ok for me to fill it in???



  1. Sounds like a very frustrating episode Tilly - I hope you manage to make headway. I think I'd go to that December appointment, if only to illustrat for them, the 'stupidity' of the system!

  2. Yeahhh congratulations, thats great news. I personally would keep the December appointment as they then know who you are, even if it feels a waste of time, plus you might find it helps push things forwards as hopefully the doctor as well will see how ridiculous it is.

    As for the early years assessment, from experience they probably won't accept it without the school doing it, I might be tempted to get his nursery to fill it in as they know him well and speak to the school and ask if they agree with that. You could always insist on filling it in together to ensure it is done properly?

    Good luck

  3. Hi, Tilly. It's me again. I've been reading about Nipper and there is a part of me that is so sad. Another part sees your love, determination, and just plain exuberance as a mom - and this makes me so happy for you. My love to you all. I'll be following along.

  4. Definitely keep the Dec appointment! Where are you located? I only as because that is the kind of thing that would happen in Ireland! As for the questionaires, I am with SuperLittleMen:) Jen

  5. Tilly I would photocopy it and get nursery and school to complete it. Any Doctor who thinks a school environment is best placed to advise on a child after only a few months is probably worthy of caution. Whilst some problems are clear early on, many teachers think it's just how the child "is". The more information you have the better. Be prepared would be my motto.

    MD xx


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