27 May 2011

Mummy, You've Got Four Eyes

So said Nipper a couple of months ago. I wear glasses and thought he was messing about and so thought no more of it. Until two weeks ago when he told Mr Earplugs that he had two noses. I did some very unscientific tests with him and discovered that he seems to have double vision!

Photo from Google Images (this is one of the tests I tried and he counted eight fingers!)

I contacted his paediatrician and she said he needed a referral to a paediatric opthalmologist so off we trotted to see the GP to kick off the referral process. After waiting seven months to see a paediatrician to get Nipper diagnosed with Autism you can imagine my surprise when a hospital appointment arrived just 3 days later. So we're off to see the Orthoptic team next Friday. If he has to wear glasses, do you think they'll be able to provide a pair that make him look like Spiderman? It'll be the only chance we'll have of gettting him to wear the things I think!



  1. 3 days! Am impressed!
    Good luck!

  2. Oh dear. I hope you can find the glasses that he will wear, if you need to. Thinking of you. x

  3. That is impressive! We tried some glasses on S for fun (I'm sure he will need them) and the designer ones are soooo cute! Probably not worth it though, they'll be broken before long I'm sure!
    Good luck with the tests x

  4. Very impressed with 3 days! How did the appointment go? My little man needed glasses & its taken us 3 months just to do the initial eye test to work out his prescription because he keeps having major meltdowns over having his damn eyes tested. It was trying to say the least!

  5. Have to admit I laughed at the spiderman thing, know exactly what you mean, I have no idea how I'd make Sasha wear them either (for any longer than 2 seconds...)! I have a friend who's girl has had to wear White noise ear plugs, no chance of Sasha doing that either! I had my eyes lasered, easy route I reckon ;)


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