15 September 2010

New Route to School Yields Conkers!

Our route to school takes us along a very busy road with an extremely narrow pavement. It's been a bit of a trial getting to school on this route. Nipper is a bit unpredictable around traffic. We go from extreme interest in the cars to extreme worry about them. Last Thursday when trying to cross over the road to get to the school Nipper decided to dash back when we were halfway across. Luckily nothing was coming in the other lane but I nearly had a heart attack with the shock.

So, we have been tring to find a better route and today we managed it. The journey is going to take about twice as long as it should do but hopefully we'll avoid any scarey traffic incidents. Our new route takes us past the most mahoosive horse chestnut tree I've ever seen and it's started to shed it's fruit. Nipper was absolutely fascinated with opening the 'skin' and popping out not one, not two, but three large conkers! Needless to say he filled his pockets to bursting. I have a feeling that we are going to be collecting a mountain of conkers over the next few weeks.

Edited to add: And, did you know that conkers keep spiders away? Apparently so, according to the teaching assistant, so Nipper has been requested to bring in a bag full of them.



  1. Inspired by your post we took a diversion yesterday on our way home from school. I knew the exact spot to find the tree but as we walked down the road, empty horse chestnut shells came flying towards us, bouncing off the buggy and A's head. A bunch of gangsta squirrels were on the rampage. No conkers for us....

  2. Thanks for sharing your unexpected find! We love conkers and it keeps the boys entertained for hours! And mummy too if i'm compleatly honest!
    I did not know that about the spiders though!!!! I will be collecting more i feel!


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