12 September 2010

Mrs Who?

Nipper's had a few days at school now and seems to be settling in nicely. He was having a chat on the phone with my Mum and she asked him what his teacher was called. He replied "Mrs Skinny Legs". "Mrs Who?" said I, somewhat taken aback. He was adamant - it was 'Mrs Skinny Legs'! Now I'm not sure whether someone else has called her this and he's just copying, or whether he's being observant (she has got rather skinny legs!) We've been practicing her actual name all weekend so that he won't get into trouble before he's been there 2 minutes!



  1. Haha, oh dear. :-) I wish someone would call me 'Mrs Skinny Legs'. I'm sure she'll understand if he lets slip. x

  2. Hi Tilly,

    Found you! My girls talk about Mrs Skinny legs all the time and kept calling me it - I so am not! Apparently she is on Peppa Pig (or was it Ben and Holly? I forget new). Might this of been something Nipper watched?

    Mich x


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